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Welcome is powered by the world's first online marketplace for residential cleaning services. The website offers maid service, house cleaning, carpet cleaning, and window cleaning services nationwide. All services are performed by prescreened professional independent cleaning companies and are provided to home owners, home renters, property managers, and real estate professionals.

All maid service, house cleaning, carpet cleaning, and window cleaning services are offered locally and nationwide. Use our instant quote calculator located to the top left of this page to schedule cleaning services in your area immediately.

Carpet Cleaning Services
Save time and money!

Click Here to learn about our flat fee carpet
cleaning services and to enjoy our one stop
shopping experience. You can call or e-mail
us to get your carpets and/or your
house cleaned. Customers save
time and money by using us
for carpets and/or house
cleaning services.

AW Cleaning Services is operated nationwide by the cleaning services marketplace The marketplace has been created to provide you the house cleaning service consumer the ability to control your cleaning experience by allowing you to have your choice, your way, 24 hours per day. You can schedule house cleaning, carpet cleaning, and/or window cleaning from instantly by choosing from cleaning companies that meet our strict standards and those of our customers – customers just like you who want quality cleaning services at a good price. Our double rating system is as good as receiving a personal referral – perhaps even better!

When you interact with us you will experience what we call online concierge service. Once you order your house cleaning through AW Cleaning Services you will be provided a online account. With your online account you will be able to immediately review profiles from our participating house cleaning providers. Online you will be able to get instant quotes from all participating cleaning service providers. Online you will be able to instantly schedule a cleaning(s) with maid service providers without ever being required to make a phone call. Online you will be able to manage your entire cleaning requirements without ever having to make a call to one of our participating housekeeping providers unless you decide.

Our online maid service marketplace is changing the image of the cleaning service industry nationwide by creating a place where customers can control their house cleaning service experience 24 hours per day. Our marketplace provides the following major benefits:

1. You get an online account that allows you to manage everything about your maid service without having to call your chosen cleaning company. Everything you normally do on the phone can be done online without talking with anyone 24-hours per day.

2. You can get immediate online quotes from prescreened cleaning companies in your area. Once you decide on a company you can schedule with that company immediately without ever having to make a call or send an e-mail.

3. You can change your cleaning company for any reason online 24-hours per day. When you change your maid service company you keep your same account and all the great benefits that are associated with the account. Our site acts as your online concierge that allows you to choose your choice, your way, 24-hours a day.

We currently provide the following suite of services in Austin, Arlington, Chicago, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Oakland, Orange County, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, and San Jose: Cleaning services, maid service, house cleaning services, housekeeping, window cleaning, and carpet cleaning services. You can get an instant quote for our services by using one of our instant quote calculators.
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