Oriental rugs are the perfect centerpiece to any room and the perfect way to show people your sense of taste and style. The only drawback for some is their price, which is something we believe we can change. We believe that everyone should have access to an ornate rug that they can show off with pride. Our warehouse is full of rugs that we sell for a much lower price than any other outlet. In doing this, we believe that everyone can now have access to a brilliant centerpiece that they can show off to their friends and family.

Part of what makes us different from other companies is the fact that we sell rugs for much lower than many other outlets. We have a warehouse full of rugs that we are more than willing to share with our customers. In order for us to create the community that we want, we must have customers that are full of knowledge and able to support us in our endeavors including rug cleaners. Because of this, we have created a community of dedicated and intelligent customers that have helped us build the community of knowledge and understanding that we have today offering the best inĀ moving in Norman, Oklahoma.

There is nothing like being able to provide our customers with a service that they cannot find anywhere else in the world. Sure, they could buy rugs at a different outlet, but our prices are simply the lowest. Our surplus of high quality rugs means that we can offer what people want at a price they can afford, allowing us to do service for the community where our business started and where we wish to continue to operate.

More than just sales

In addition to having the lowest prices in the world, we also have the ability to repair and maintain the rugs that we sell our customers. We have a dedicated repair staff that is competent in not only cleaning Oriental rugs but repairing them as well and using vapor steam cleaners. Whether it is a spot treatment that you need, a deep clean, or just a patch here and there, we can ensure that your rug will be in pristine condition for as long as you own it. Since we are all rug collectors ourselves, we understand what it takes to maintain a rug and keep it fresh for the ages.

It is this combination of sales and repair that has made us the leading rug vendor in the industry and allowed us to operate at the level in which we do. For us, it is not about profit, but rather building a community that is as passionate about rugs as we are. In order or us to help you, all we ask is that you keep your mind open and share your experiences with us and the community. Both us and our customers understand that there is a greater good to what we do and that Oriental rugs are not just an object, but rather a lifestyle. Join us in our endeavor to make rug buying and repair more than just a business.

Simply the Best in Repair and Supply